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Internationally Accredited & Professionally Recognised

We are an Official Approved Training Provider by the Accreditation Board for International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Holistic Health & Wellbeing are becoming a highly regarded factor within Healthcare, so we believe Professionalism is highly important. All our courses are Professionally Certified, Internationally Accredited & Insurable. 


Worldwide Learning

Your location will not stop you from achieving a qualification from the highly regarded Cambridge College of Holistic Health. We have students from all over the world, so many of our courses are taught in our online virtual classroom in groups. We do also offer Practical Days for those wanting to add this additional hands-on skill to their qualification. All Practical Days will be held in one of the beautiful Cambridge University Colleges and will include a full day of hands on learning in a supportive group setting. You will receive an additional certificate when you complete the Practical days.


What do CCHH students get?

As a CCHH Graduate, you will be awarded an Accredited Certificate from the College, together with an invitation to become a professional member of the IPHM, and you will also be offered Reduced Insurance to practice. All CCHH students who enrol on one of our tutored courses will be added to a facebook group with students sharing the same course. This creates a community of like-minded people who can support each other as well as discuss the course & share your experiences.

All our courses include Workbooks. 

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We are now enrolling for the Professional Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser course with a £50 deposit (non-refundable)

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Aromatherapy Practitioner

Aroma-therapy, the use of P

Aroma-therapy, Therapy using the Aromas & Healing potential of Pure Essential oils can offer the most amazing experiences. This comprehensive course covers Anatomy & Physiology for Therapists, How aromatherapy works, Blending, Methods of Application & of course the Oils themselves! We offer additional Practicals Days for those wishing to add the hands on massage element to this course, however it is not a necessity as massage is just 1 of many different ways to administer healing with essential oils.  This Accredited & Insurable course allows you to practice as an Aromatherapy Practitioner with Clients.  No prior knowledge is necessary.

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Reflexology Practitioner

Reflexologist, Foot Therapy,

Reflexology is fast becoming one of the most Relaxing treatments to have with massive Healing potential. Learn about each of the Zones on the feet, the Emotional indicators in each toe, how to focus on specific areas by the Anatomy & Physiology knowledge you will gain. We will even touch on how to read feet to get a better incite into the person you are treating!  This Accredited & Insurable course allows you to practice as an Reflexology Practitioner with Clients.  No prior knowledge is necessary.

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EFT Practitioner

EFT, Emotional Healing Technique, Tapping therapy, Emotional Healing, Pain, Anxiety, Stress,

EFT (Emotional Healing Technique), incorporates Acupressure techniques with Left & Right brain balancing. It can work on Emotional, Physical imbalances as well as Pain, Anxiety/Panic, Phobias & Beliefs & is a Powerful tool to use in any situation. EFT is a standalone therapy but can also increase the healing experience if added to other modalities.  This Accredited & Insurable course allows you to practice as an EFT Practitioner with Clients. No prior knowledge is necessary.

For helping a Particular Issue with EFT type it in the Search here

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Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser


This fully tutored 8 week course is delivered via our interactive online classroom. The full cost of £295 includes the Emotional Oils Blends kit.  All students will receive 8 pdf workbooks (1 for each weekly session) together with the fully interactive weekly sessions. This course is Professionally Certified and Internationally Accredited & Insurable. We look at Anatomy & Physiology, How the Brain/Body are affected by Emotions, The Consultation process, Key Tools & Techniques to gain an insight into current emotional state & of course the oils! We look at 42 oils in total. 

Upon completion, you will receive an Internationally Accredited Certificate to practice as an  Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser.

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mini workshops

Online Mini Workshops


Each mini workshop is 1 hour long & FULL of information. They are delivered online and accessible worldwide (currently only in English langueage). They are fully tutored/not just a video so you can ask questions!) Choose from Making your Own Natural SkinCare Products, to Coping with Common Health issues.

These are not Professionally Accredited



Learn all about making the perfect oil blends, what are Top, Middle & Base notes, Dilutions for Children, Adults, Vulnerable & Elderly

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Learn all about the causes & signs of Anxiety, ways of Instantly coping with an Anxiety attack, Long term ways of treating it and preventing it from getting out of control

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Learn about the sign and symptoms of Fibromyalgia, ways to lessen the instant impact, long term ways of coping with Fibromyalgia

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Learn how to recognise your Causes and Signs of Migraine attacks, Instant coping tools and techniques to try prevent it from getting worse, long term ways of treating them and lessening the severity/occurance of them

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Learn how to Recognise your causes and Signs of an IBS attack, Instant coping tools/techniques to try prevent them from taking over, long term ways of treating & improving your IBS

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Learn how to recognise the specific causes of your sleep problems, Instant changes you can do for a Better nights sleep & Long Term ways of Improving & potentially curing your Sleep problems

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Why use chemical laden products when you can create your Personalised, Effective & Pure skincare products? By the end of this workshop you will have all the information to do just this

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Why use chemical laden products on your body when you can create your own Personalised, Luxurious & Pure bath products? By the end of this workshop, you will have all the information to do just this 

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Ever wondered why Cleaning products have a skull & crossbone on them & yet you clean floors you walk on barefoot or worktops you place food on with them? Create your own Safe, Pure & Beneficial products with this workshop

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Feel more Balanced


Do you feel a little out of balance, either hormonally or emotionally?

In this 1 hour interactive workshop, we will look at the different ways we feel out of Balance, How they affect us & How we can help ourselves feel more in balance & in control with oils, breathing techniques & gentle movements.  

We end the session with a Guided Meditation 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long is each Workshop?

A: Each workshop is roughly 1 hour long

Q: Are they Accredited?

A: No, if you want a Professional Qualification, please see our Courses page

Q: How do I access the workshop?

A: The workshops are delivered live so you will receive a link and a time to join the workshop

Previous students

Here's what they thought ..

Mr.W - Scotland "Its a fabulous course, I have learnt so much on it. Everyone is so supportive of each other, I am quite sad it is finished...but looking forward to helping people with their Emotional health."

Ms.H "Highly recommend & I look forward to taking & participating in the next course with CCHH"

Mrs.E "I am on week 7 of this fabulous course and sad it is almost over. Each week I've gained a greater understanding of how these oils can help us all, and how I can use these new skills to improve the work I already do.  CCHH are introducing new courses later in the year & I'm chomping at the bit to do the next one!"

Mrs.B "Also on this course & its totally awesome, both learning about it but also how its changing me in the process". 

Ms.M "Its been Amazing. I love the class set up as it has been online, its fitted in perfectly with my schedule as well as building my confidence around the oils"

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