Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

 This fully tutored 8 week course is delivered via our interactive online classroom. The full cost of £295 includes the Mini motional Oils Blends kit.  All students will receive 8 pdf workbooks (1 for each weekly session) together with the fully interactive weekly sessions. This course is Professionally Certified and Internationally Accredited & Insurable. We look at Anatomy & Physiology, How the Brain/Body are affected by Emotions, The Consultation process, Key Tools & Techniques to gain an insight into current emotional state & of course the oils! We look at 42 oils in total.
Upon completion, you will receive an Internationally Accredited Certificate to practice as an  Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser.

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Aromatherapy Practitioner

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

 Aroma-therapy, Therapy using the Aromas & Healing potential of Pure Essential oils can offer the most amazing experiences. This comprehensive course covers Anatomy & Physiology for Therapists, How aromatherapy works, Blending, Methods of Application & of course the Oils themselves! We offer additional Practicals Days for those wishing to add the hands on massage element to this course, however it is not a necessity as massage is just 1 of many different ways to administer healing with essential oils.  This Accredited & Insurable course allows you to practice as an Aromatherapy Practitioner with Clients.  

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Commonly Asked Questions

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Are the Essential Oils included in the price?

A: The Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser course cost of £295 includes a kit of the oil blends.

We do offer wholesale accounts for those wishing to order their own oils seperately.

 Q: How long is each tutored session?

A: Each fully tutored session is 1hr.

Q: Can we ask questions in the online tutored groups?

A: The online tutored groups are fully interactive so no different to being in a classroom with discussion & teaching.

Q: How many people are in each online group?

A: We teach several groups on the same course at different times throughout the week so  have a maximum of 6 to a group.

Q: Do you cover massage on the course?

A: We looks at different techniques of administering Aromatherapy, including massage. If you wish to attend a Practical Day to learn the Hands on techniques in person and gain the additional certificate, these are also offerred and are held in Cambridge, UK.

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